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Dressage Today Q & A, for the Expert

Turns on the forehand Dressage Today PURPOSE AND EFFECT OF TURN ON THE FOREHAND

Classical vs Modern Dressage

What is classical dressage? Answer: In my opinion… The Spanish Riding School, which provides a curriculum to reach the Grand Prix. Broadly speaking, a training program which follows progressive steps leading to Grand Prix Dressage. Every country in the world more »

Basics! It’s more than a ribbon at stake.

Anyone who has a good grasp of dressage performance criteria and judging will find this article very interesting. Written by a French Master, the article  eloquently describes how an ideal halt, as defined in the FEI Rule Book, embodies and more »

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Mark the date – Sunday Nov. 2nd Bright Star Swap Meet

 Agoura,CA tack store annual event. Come join Gina, Kamila and Co. for shopping, risotto, and espresso at Bright Star Saddlery. Roadside Drive in Agoura, CA

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Dressage Today Article: How to Sit a Rough Trot Question: I ride a 16.2-hand, 10-year-old Holsteiner gelding. His trot is huge and his back long, and since he’s not quite connecting yet, I’m having a really hard time with the sitting trot. It’s quite a rough trot. I’m more »

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Kamila coaching Melissa Hogan on Diameter

Diameter is a 20 yr. old Danish gelding who with his rider Melissa Hogan, won the United Stated Dressage Federation Amateur Grand Prix Championship in 2011. Before his retirement we made this video of a training session. It shows the more »

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Undeniable – An Oldenburger gelding bred by Kamila excells as Hunter.

        This beautiful colt was born on May 10, 2006 in Germany to a Hanoveriam mother and was sired by an Olympic Dressage Stallion. He was raised and started under saddle in “the Old Country”, and imported more »

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Horay for the indoor!